The automated warehouse for temporary use

The mobile Plug-and-Play solution on site

Process optimisation of deliveries: With the Servus Cube, unnecessary waiting times on construction sites are eliminated. Tools or consumables can be delivered and safely stored around the clock.

100% security. Full transparency.

The Servus-Cube is the transportable warehouse for use on site, wherever you need it. It is available to all employees at all times. Only authorised persons have access to the stored goods, which can be requested either at the control panel or conveniently via smartphone. All stock levels and movements are recorded in real time and can be retrievable at any time. The Servus-Cube is a transportable Plug-and-Play solution that can be easily implemented and modularly expanded.

Temporary storage function – immediately ready for use

Wherever you need a fast and secure on-site storage solution, the Servus-Cube offers digital, fully automated logistics with fast and secure access to the required goods.

The mobile Servus-Cube