Fast, digital, and close to the consumer

The flexible solution for your production logistics

The Servus-Cube builds the ideal link between warehouse and production logistics. Whether as a buffer between different work steps, as a replenishment store for C-parts, or as a finished parts warehouse – the Servus-Cube increases the efficiency of your intralogistics processes in the company.

Fastest access times

The highest storage density ensures optimal use of space below the hall ceiling and optimal placement close to the consumer. If required, several Servus-Cubes can act as a decentralised buffer and this way ensure the continuous supply of materials along the value chain. The advantage: employees can access the required goods quickly – without long distances and having to search. Materials can be requested in advance by using mobile devices. In this way, access times are shortened even more. The Plug-and-Play solution enables a quick set-up on-site and fast commissioning.

Production Logistics

The ideal material supply

The Servus-Cube ensures efficient material supply to production by acting as an intermediate buffer to decouple the successive work steps and enable supply according to the Pull-Principle.

Efficient production logistics