Incoming and outgoing goods around the clock

Fully automated and process reliable

The Servus-Cube ensures the safe delivery and issue of small parts, consumables, tools, or products 365 days a year. Suppliers can deliver their goods at any time and store them independently. The actual stocks control the required replenishment fully automatically. Required materials are always available.

Fast and transparent

With the Servus-Cube, goods can be pre-picked and made available on an order-by-order basis. This means that the goods are prepared in advance so that they are available just-in-time. Employees receive exactly the articles that they require for the task in hand – in the right quantity and already in the right combination. Internal throughput times are optimised, stocks are reduced and intelligently managed.

Easier employee access to consumables, tools and more.

You can let your employees access the stored goods in the Servus-Cube at any time. All movements into and out of the warehouse are digitally recorded and the current stocks are displayed live.

Incoming and outgoing goods around the clock: