Efficient, flexible, process reliable

The perfect solution for warehouse logistics and picking

The Servus-Cube increases the quality of warehouse processes in the company to a new level. Whether as a warehouse for goods, spare parts, or consumables – all logistics processes such as storage, retrieval and picking become effortless and significantly more efficient.

Simplified logistics planning

The Servus-Cube ensures a tidy warehouse, saves valuable space, and brings the goods to the person fully automatically and without any searching. Since all goods movements are recorded digitally and in real time, it also offers full transparency for simplified logistics planning. Thus, stock levels can be reduced in the long term. Thanks to its scalability and flexibility, capacity can be adapted to requirements at any time. As a result, your system fulfills all requirements now and in the future.

Optimal order preparation

The Servus-Cube enables customer-specific picking processes and can therefore be used flexibly in warehouse logistics. The goods are picked according to the order, temporarily stored again until they are released, and made available just-in-time for further use.

Flexible warehouse logistics